Barry & Anthony Akins were already experienced bakers when Akins Family Bakers opened in 1984. The brothers had worked in various bakeries, including the well known bakery Hossner’s on Frederick Street in South Shields owned by their Uncle Ernest. Ernest Hossner inspired their enthusiasm and passion, and taught them the importance of using traditional artisan craft baking methods to create produce of superior quality.

When Thomas Akins retired as an electrician, he along with his wife Sylvia saw the enthusiasm their sons Barry and Anthony had for baking. They both provided valuable support towards the opening of Akins Family Bakers.

The bakery quickly made a name for itself by selling a high quality range of freshly baked products direct from the shop at the front of the bakery. Through the success of the Bakery in South Shields Barry and Anthony were able to set up a second shop, which is located in the top-right corner of Durham City Indoor Market.


Akins Family Bakers supply to many hotels, restaurants and coffee shops in the region. Barry Akins has previously taught in colleges and bakeries around the country and Akins Family Bakers has a long tradition of training apprentice bakers.

At Akins Family Bakers our team of highly skilled artisan craft bakers create both traditional and modern foods, taking inspiration from around the world.